Professional grooming

Full Groom:

Bath, brush out, blow dry, clip, style, nails, anal glands

A complete pamper treatment for your dog. It will be bathed, using our professional products, blow dried and brushed out before being clipped and styled, nails trimmed and, if necessary, anal glands emptied. We will finish off with a spritz of doggie cologne which you will find better than any room deodoriser! Your pet’s coat will not only look wonderful but feel strokably soft.

Bath ‘n’ Brush:

Bath, blow dry, brush and tidy, nails, anal glands.

This treatment is for dogs who do not require clipping or scissor styling but would benefit from a bath and general tidy up. After being bathed and treated with our professional products, feet, ears and straggly hairs will be trimmed to create a neat finish and leave your dog looking and smelling gorgeous.

Bath & de-shed:

Bath, blow dry, de-shed and tidy, nails, anal glands

A similar treatment to the Bath n Brush with the added advantage of de-shedding. For all you owners out there with double coated breeds you will know the inconvenience of shedding in your home. This treatment will remove the majority of loose undercoat and hopefully cut down on the vacuum cleaning!

Hand Stripping:

Brush, hand strip, bath, blow dry, nails, anal glands

This treatment is offered for those pets which can be hand stripped. After brushing and hand stripping, they will be bathed using our professional products, their nails trimmed and where necessary, anal glands emptied.

Nails only:

Nails clipped. £5.00

Puppy introduction:

This service is offered free of charge because we believe that dogs who will require regular grooming benefit greatly from being introduced to the process as early as possible and preferably during the very important socialisation stage (8-15 weeks). The visit will consist mostly of play and familiarisation with a bit of basic brushing and handling


Grooming price list


Small breeds starts from


Medium breeds starts from

large breeds

Large breeds starts from

giant breeds

Giant breeds starts from
Please note that these prices are a guide only. Prices may vary for specific breeds and there will be an extra charge for animals that are difficult to manage or have an extremely poor coat condition. Please contact us for a more accurate price quote.